Children's Yoga Nidra - Magical Hat

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A soothing and relaxing Yoga Nidra for your little people to help them feel calm. This practice encourages their creative imagination through the visualisation of a magical hat and a wonderful waterfall of white light.

The practice shares a range of techniques to help children settle their body and mind, including simple breath work, a body scan, visualisation and positive affirmations (encouraging them to create a positive feeling about themselves, such as strong, brave or calm).  These are life long skills that children can benefit from to support their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

A great little practice to do before bedtime, or as a calm interlude in the day. There is a choice at the end of the practice for your child to either drift off to sleep or to gently wake up, depending on what time of day you are practicing.

Age - 3 - 9 years approximately.

Length - 13 minutes